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"Seeing successful people, both young and old, share their stories and connect was amazing. It lit a fire under me that I have to build something better for myself than being just a personal trainer." Building a business isn't for the faint of heart. It requires an incredible effort that many just aren't willing to put themselves through.

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It's there that he would work on the blog and then go meet up with clients at 7:00 a. m. He says he would "work on and off throughout the day on the blog between clients and into the evening. When we started, we worked crazy hours and a lot of nights and weekends." Even though they put in all the time in the beginning, they were hardly an overnight success.

However, out of that failure was born Avocadu, a healthy living blog that now makes $20,000 per month for the duo. Getting to that point required a lot of sacrifice and difficult decisions. "[We] became really serious about making something out of this and making sure we didn’t head down the road to failure again," says Nerney.

And although Nerney would lose income as a trainer, Mc, Manus took an even bigger risk in her career as she had just passed her CPA exams. Getting back into the workforce would be easier for Nerney, but not so much for Mc, Manus. Despite these concerns, "the desire for freedom outweighed those fears," said Nerney.

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Income from Avocadu doubled for five months in the beginning. "Within our first year of blogging, we had a month where we earned over $40,000," explained Nerney. "We began earning $10,000 per month consistently and then brought that one blog up to an average of over $20,000 per month in profits." Their incredible success with Avocadu led the pair to create another blog, Create and Go, which caters to aspiring bloggers who also want to take their blogs full-time.

1 most honest and transparent source of information for people who want to make money blogging from home," Nerney stated. "We teach from the standpoint of the successes and failures that we have experienced and continue to experience ... so that our information is as relatable as possible for people looking to start a blog in another niche." According to Nerney, Create and Go made $55,000 by itself in December 2017.

"Weirdly, as our blogs have grown, less work is required to make the money that we do," explains Nerney. "The beginning is hard because you aren’t making any money and you are working very hard. But at some point, there is a massive shift. Sure, that's very telling of the ability level that Nerney and Mc, Manus are at today.

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Consider this from Nerney: "Today, if Lauren and I wanted to start another online business or blog, we could probably do so and reach success quite quickly because of the skills we have learned over the last two years." One thing that I hope you learn from what Nerney and Mc, Manus accomplished here is that it's not easy.

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The takeaway here is very simple, but profound: It's about the process. A name that came up in our conversation and one that echoes on sites about entrepreneurial endeavors is that of MJ De, Marco. If you're not familiar with him, he's an entrepreneur who cut his teeth by selling twice.

explains De, Marco in his book. "Without process, there is no event. Process makes millionaires, and the events you see and hear are the results of that process." For Nerney, this idea is "the dose of medicine everyone needs to hear who wants to be a business owner or make money for themselves." Their process -- early mornings, late nights, weekends, constant learning and reiterating with their blogs -- is the what resulted in their "event." Of course, that event being making an incredible full-time income from a blog that would make many professionals with advanced degrees blush.

"We’re just a couple of average people that wanted freedom really badly. We wanted a different kind of life than the one that we were indoctrinated into since birth." What's that mean for the rest of us? Well, we need to find a reason we want to build a business, a blog, or achieve that burning desire.

It won't be easy and will require us to grind it out on a daily basis. It is all worth it in the end. When you refine your process, you eventually get your desired event. Or, as Nerney said, "The best part is, you aren't working for someone else's dream.

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